Science is Tough,

But so are YOU!

Science is Tough,

But so are YOU!

What Students Are Saying

I liked the simplicity of the design of Science ASAP. It is innovative and gives a different possibility for students/teachers to cover the cirriculum.


High School Student

I liked that you can learn the same lesson a teacher would teach you, but instead of  learning the material through a boring lecture you can be more engaged in learning it through online setting.


High School Student

This software makes me understand Science at a faster rate as well as making it easy to learn. Teachers should really look into using this to teach versus a slideshow. It will make class more efficient.


High School Student

We’ve helped them, now let’s help YOU!

Here at Science ASAP we make it simple and easy for students to learn Science. Its hard to balance time as a student, that’s why convenient and fast studying is our greatest strength! We have a wide variety of content to choose from, helping each and every individual achieve their goals!

How We Do It


Who likes quizzes? We do! Instead of the conventional tests, we help you focus on whats important to know, without the extras.


Short on time to study? We understand students have lives too! With our easy to follow lessons, you’ll see improvement in no time.


Too much reading doesn’t help anyone, we believe that learning should be efficient. We keep it simple and straightforward for students to understand, saving stress and time.

Our Courses

Start Learning Today!

BIO Gr. 11

Understanding the principles of science is key for students to learn. Ecosystems and Population Change, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration and the Human Systems are a couple of the many units we offer. We want to build a strong and solid foundation of the basics.

BIO Gr. 12

From community ecology to molecular biology, we make biology simple and easy to understand. examining how genetic information in DNA is passed on to studying the nervous system, we built our courses catered for each and everyone.

Ready to Make a Change?

As a student, discover what you can do with Science ASAP, make homework and tests something to be excited about!

Help Us, Help Students!

For those who teach, enjoin our mission of teaching Science and building confidence for those who seek it, contact us to learn more!


The Smart Scope


Students don’t have to be at school to use our Microscopes, unlimited access from anywhere at anytime!


Video Chat, send messages and share images with your classmates instantly with the


Have our Microscope in your hands without the weight, adjust the lighting and your view are some of the many features we offer.


No slideshow needed, our Microscopes make teaching lessons easy with the view of one screen.


Students can get up close, without the mess. Optical zoom to another level, see details unlike before.


Available on on all platforms, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile. Making it easy to get work done anytime and anywhere.